When I was a kid (like last week…erm…earlier today) I used to dream of being in a rock band.  The kind of band where girls ruled and played big heavy guitars, but were still sexy and commanded the respect of the boys, not only for their fantastic personal style, but also for their musical prowess.  Unfortunately I didn’t meet Dum Dum Girls until I found their record buried in the used bins at Everyday Music.  Drat.  I guess I should be happy that I can still enjoy their music, even if from afar.  Sigh.

The low-fi, sixties-inspired Dum Dum Girls started as the solo vision of Kirstin Gundred (AKA Dee Dee) in 2007.  Interestingly, Dee Dee named the band after another one of my favorite bands, the Vaselines’ album Dum-Dum.  By the time of their early 2010 release Jail La La, the band expanded to include guitarist Jules, bassist Bambi, and drummer Frankie Rose. 

Dum Dum Girls is steeped in a lot of interesting trivia.  Their debut album I Will Be  was produced by Richard Gottehrer who has also produced albums by the Go-Go’s and Blondie.  It’s weird how this band meshes so many of my favorite things together to create one amazing and powerful new force in my musical world.  The striking photograph on their March 2010 release I Will Be is a vintage polaroid of Dee Dee’s mother.  I was sad to read on their blog today that Dee Dee’s mother passed away and current shows with The Vaselines have been cancelled. 

My must listen cuts include Rest of Our Lives, Blank Girl, and Lines Her Eyes.  The latter is about a girl who copies Dee Dee incessantly and has her wondering what the hell the girl sees in her that would make her change everything about herself.  The music, lyrics and vocals are all perfectly imperfect and will keep you hitting repeat again and again.