For this week’s Music Monday, I wanted to explore the plethora of wonderfully classic and equally inexpensive vintage vinyl.  My favorite local record store, Everyday Music, has a royal ton of the stuff and it’s fun to flip through the dusty piles to unearth a little magic.

The first thing I found was this Roberta Flack album.  It made me want to lay on the floor with my supersized headphones and sing uncontrollably to Killing Me Softly.  Alas it was over $1, my self-imposed per item price point for today’s excursion so it went back.  Maybe next time.

Definitely had to pick up some Billy Joel. When it comes to records, I am always subconsciously drawn to the albums my parents played on our turntable when I was a little girl.  An Innocent Man (just 50 cents!) is one of my best memories as a kid, and I also picked up a copy of The Stranger ($1), which has one of the best album covers ever….

Another great find, which I’ve been wanting for awhile, is Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Welcome to the Pleasuredome.  This album is epic.  It reminds me of this skinny little guy I worked with at Banana Republic in Downtown Seattle years ago who had spent several years in France and went by Frenchie.  He loved Frankie and that made me like him.  He also introduced me to MC Solaar.

Matthew didn’t find much for himself, admitting that I like old music more than he does, but he did get a spankin’ new copy of Lady Gaga’s The Fame.  He just couldn’t help himself!  Like a sport he sifted through all of the used vinyl with me, sneezing along the way and ended up finding several things that caught my fancy proving just how well he actually knows me.  One was a copy of The Pajama Game (50 cents), a Doris Day musical I performed on my high school stage.   

The whole time we were looking around I wanted some Barbra Streisand.  Once Matthew handed me A Star is Born (50 cents), I kept saying, “All I want to find is a copy of Funny Girl.  We have to find Funny Girl.”  Lo and behold, husband came through for me again.

All in all I came home with these ten lovely finds…

Billy Joel  The Stranger ($1), An Innocent Man (50 cents)

The Police  Synchronicity ($1)

Fleetwood Mac  Fleetwood Mac ($1)

Doris Day  Greatest Hits (50 cents), Pajama Game (50 cents)

Barbra Streisand  Funny Girl (50 cents), A Star is Born (50 cents)

Frankie Goes to Hollywood  Welcome to the Pleasuredome (50 cents)

Pat Benetar  Crimes of Passion (50 cents)

Can’t wait to get listening!  You know what I’ll be doing until my next post…