Saturday was the big day at Block Party with some of the best acts onstage. There were so many great bands to choose from, but we were lucky that  there wasn’t too much overlap. With four stages that can sometimes be an issue. After taking some quick outfit photos (coming soon!) I met up with some friends while husband was at a school philanthropy event. We met up later for a day of back to back awesome that included some of my favorite bands ever.  I saw Best Coast when they were here last fall and it was one of the best shows of my life. (I heart that band sooo much.) I found Cold Cave‘s first album when I was perusing the South Hill Hastings in Spokane and have loved them ever since.  That show was a non-stop dance fest and I am loving their new noisy sound. Young Evils sounds so light and sweet on their record, but in person I really enjoyed the heaviness of their riffs and how into it they all were. They ended their show with a birthday cake for their bassist and a bunch of skeletons who rushed the stage. Awesome. TV on the Radio was excellent live and I loved hearing their pitch perfect rendition of DLZ, my favorite song of theirs.

For more info see my Day One post here.  Stay tuned for Day Three, posting soon.