This week my fantastic husband found tickets to see one of my favorite bands and thanks to him we had a fantastic Saturday night out.  We saw The Radio Dept. at The Crocodile here in Seattle and had a splendid time.

One of my favorite things about seeing shows is finding out little things about the artists that I never would have known otherwise.  At this show, for example, Johan, the lead singer/guitarist, held one foot over the other when he got seriously into a riff.  I love this shot I got of his funny little footwork.

For more information and photos from the event, read on…

The Radio Dept. is a shoegaze band from Sweden who have been performing together since 1995.  The band was formed when classmates Johan Duncanson and Elin Almered began collaboriting.  Although their partnership didn’t last long, it did have a major impact on Duncanson, who reformed the band with Martin Larsson in 1998.  Since then the band has seen a lot of member turnover, but their sound has remained dynamic and fairly consistent.  Although they used to include a traditional drummer, all percussion is now done through Daniel Tjäder on keyboards and DJing additional beats from a laptop.

Their sounds is dreamy and consistent with shoegaze in that it envelopes you and lulls your mind into a trance-like state. Their older releases, from 2003’s Pet Grief in particiular, are more mellow while their latest release, Clinging to a Scheme, is much more upbeat and has been embraced by a wider audience.

The show at the Crocodile on Saturday had a good mix of old and new songs, although some of my personal favorites were not on the set list.  I was happy that they played one of my favorite songs, “I Wanted You to Feel the Same”.  Other must listen tracks include, “Pulling Our Weight,” and “Keen on Boys”.

Per artists’ request the lights were low and photos were only allowed during the first three songs, without a flash of course.  I still managed to get some interesting images that you might find amusing.