Last night at the Oscars, Common (Lonnie Linn) and John Legend (John Stephens) won the Academy Award for Best Song for their work “Glory” from the film Selma. It’s an absolutely beautiful song for a movie that I am officially wondering why I never got out to see. (Remedying that immediately.) It was amazing to see two such accomplished, thoughtful, and inspiring musicians receive the land’s finest honor.

And what did they do with their 2 minutes of microphone time? They shared some powerful truths that made me respect them even more.

If you’re Interested in learning more about these two artists, check out the links below:

  • Common has a royal ton of albums if you’re looking to get acquainted with his narrative rap style, but I’ve heard this one is his best work.
  • Find a way to see the film featuring their Oscar-winning song “Glory”, Selma. Here’s the trailerWow!