I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a total music fanatic. I’ve written a little about music here and there on this site, but I’d like to incorporate my musical interests a bit more in the coming months. I am constantly looking for new music to listen to and listen to a wide range of decades and genres. I try to go to at least a couple shows a month, and have tried to plan for at least one big music festival a year (because traveling for music is pretty much the best ever). I also love to sing, write songs, and am learning to play the guitar this year. Suffice it to say, I can’t live without music.

I catalog my never-ending interests in monthly playlists on Spotify and am going to start sharing them with you. Lately I’ve been loving calm, relaxing music with a steady beat. This playlist is full of soft and sweet indie rock, garage rock, and surf rock, and includes some of my favorite artists of all time including The Smiths and the Breeders, as well as new favorites like Eskimeaux and Conspiracy of Owls. I feel like this playlist matches the weather around here lately, too. It’s a good one to do a little work to, which I translate to “doesn’t beg me to sing along to it”. You can listen to each track on the February 2017 playlist by clicking to your left, and you can follow all my playlists by searching Lindsay Ann Thurston on Spotify.