Tuesday night I was lucky enough to catch one of my favorite musicians, Porcelain Raft, perform at Capitol Hill’s Barboza. Porcelain Raft is the work of solo composer/performer Mauro Remiddi, an Italian import now living and making music in NYC.

tumblr_nr6b5mYZsk1qb59fio1_500I first fell in love with Remiddi’s music in 2012 when I became obsessed with his first full length release, Strange Weekend. I loved it so much I had to buy the vinyl and nearly wore it out in the first few months I had it. It’s completely dreamy and encapsulating. His most recent release, an EP titled Half Awake, is just as magical and his lyrics are deeper than ever. The title track Half Awake is pure bliss, and the layers of beats and sounds he created with it live sincerely took my breath away.

Remiddi performs with a drum kit, about a million mixers and pedals, an electric guitar and a mic. I went to the show alone, and sipped my Blue Moon leaning against a wall watching his roadie set up all of his equipment before the show. The man went back and forth testing every little button and knob until everything was just right. Before I even realized it, it wasn’t his roadie walking back and forth but Remiddi himself, who had quietly walked onstage and was fussing with the knobs and buttons. The crowd wasn’t even watching. Then all of a sudden he threw on some beats, grabbed the guitar, and the audience pulled close. After three mind-blowingly beautiful songs, he said a quiet hello in the mic, thanked us for coming, and asked if we’d please scoot closer to the stage so he could see us while he played. I love seeing shows at Barboza because it’s so small and intimate and you feel like you got a couple hours with the musicians who play there, not just in front of them.

At one point, while having some lighthearted banter with the crowd, Remiddi mentioned he’d love to get another beer. Quickly an audience member obliged. Thanking him profusely, Remiddi asked what the guy wanted to hear him play next. “Play something beautiful,” he said. “I can do that… for a change?” he joked in reply. I found that little moment funny considering there isn’t anything unpretty about any of Remiddi’s music.

To learn more about Porcelain Raft and listen to a few tracks visit the website. For a complete list of upcoming shows at one of my favorite Seattle concert venues, visit the Barboza concert calendar.