My 6 Favorite Holiday Albums

I love music more than anything. Really and truly it makes my life feel so full in so many ways. And the holidays are no exception. Although I’ve yet to haul the tree upstairs and give my apartment it’s holiday makeover, I have pulled out my collection of holiday albums. Christmas music has a way of making cold nights more cozy and arduous evening tasks feel more fun. Plus it’s just dang good to sing while dancing around the apartment. Here are six of my absolute favorites.

1. DEAN MARTIN | Making Spirits Bright  I just love Dean Martin so much. I love his buttery voice and hint of whisky-laden sass. This album makes me feel like I’m the middle of a fabulous sixties cocktail party.

2. SHE & HIM | A Very She & Him Christmas  This one’s my favorite for relaxing around the house. The music is holiday without being in-your-face holiday which makes it cool and relaxing, and yes, a little bit vintage.

3. BARBRA STREISAND | A Christmas Album  There are a lot of Barbra Streisand moments that remind me of my mother, but none more so than this one. This album is incredible. There’s a reason the woman’s a legend. Singing classic holiday numbers with an extremely liberal hand in rewriting and singing, at warp speed while also making you laugh might just be what Christmas is all about. (At least in the humble opinion of me and my mama.)

4. JINGLE CATS  When I was, I don’t know, 11? I stumbled upon this little gem at…Hastings? Regardless I’ve had it forever and it still makes me laugh. I know I’m at major risk for being called an insane cat lady, but this is actual recordings of cats set to Christmas songs. It’s just straight ridiculous.

5. A MOTOWN CHRISTMAS  The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson? I mean, come on… I have no words.

6. ANDY WILLIAMS | The Andy Williams Christmas Album  My parents had a lot of great holiday albums, but this one will always be the soundtrack to my Christmas memories growing up. So much about my family has changed since I was a kid, but this music transports me right back to the youthful magic and joy of this holiday. “Tis brilliant.

I got this idea from blogger friends and grad school buddy Anna of Olive Green Anna so please run and check out her list. What are your favorite holiday jams?