December 15, 2010

Today’s Outfit:

Dress: Banana Republic, Spring 2009, purchased with then-employee discount.

Cardigan (black): Banana Republic, Summer 2009, ditto on discount.

Belt (brown): Banana Republic, Fall 2006, once again ditto on discount.

Tights (brown): Spanx, Nordstrom.

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Nordstrom.

Shoes: Ferragamo-inspired, purchased at a department store in Taiwan.


Today I played with the age old rule that a lady cannot pair black with brown.  I matched my brown tights and belt, while shifting off into black with the cardigan and to mix it up I threw in a pair of purple patent leather shoes.  This may sound silly, but for some reason it all blended and worked.  My mama always teases me that if things are too matchy I get uncomfortable.  I guess this outfit proves that point.

Unless it’s the weekend I’m wearing my outfits to teach my third graders at the elementary school where I work, thus the 2 3/4 inch sensible heels.  I had to list the colors of each item in the description because for some reason the camera did not pick up the differences between hues. 

Also of note, I worked at Banana Republic for eight years and most of my Banana Republic pieces were purchased with my generous employee discount.  Lately I only purchase there if I have a sweet coupon.

Since it’s really my first photo shoot ever I thought I’d bring my girl Ruby into a few of the shots.  It also helped considering once I put my handbag down I had no idea what to do with my hands…

She messed up my bedroom while I was at work today, too.  Seriously!