January 10, 2010

Where: A full day of teaching, an after school training class, then a trip to Value Village.


dress: Lush, B.P. Nordstrom

fuchsia floral infinity scarf: B.P. Nordstrom

ivory cardigan: Banana Republic (2+ years ago)

brown tights: Spanx

camel booties: H&M (a steal at $24)

Details: It’s usually my unwritten rule that if you’re over 21 you should probably steer clear of the juniors section in most department stores.  Nordy’s B.P. is just so stinkin’ cute, that sometimes this rule flies right out the window as I buzz through their exciting floor of discount-level prices and fill my arms with crushworthy finds.  I tried on a lot of hilarious stuff, and some so-so stuff that I showed off in my last post, but this dress and scarf really made my day.  

For just $39 for the dress and $18 for the scarf, this little outfit had a solid start.  I added in this neutral cardy, originally purchased for my grad school interview, because it goes with everything and always gives me that warm, fuzzy, accomplished girl feeling.  I could have easily gone for black tights and black booties, but I thought the brown was a little more unexpected.