January 11, 2011

My students thought it was sooooo awesome that it’s 1-11-11 😉

Where: Teaching day and meeting after school…then just cozy enough for a sprawl on the sofa.


cozy sweater: Banana Republic

skinnies: Banana Republic

black flats: Me Too, from Nordstrom

Details: It is snowing like c-c-c-crazy outside my windows and I’m happy to be bundled up indoors!  Today was kinda like that all day and I just wanted to be as comfy as possible.  Cue super cozy sweater.  This one has this great loose fitting neck with open button closure on one side and is pretty much like wearing a cozy blanket all day long.  Because it’s bulky I always pair it with one of many well-loved pairs of skinny jeans.  Today I opted for flats for a total comfy day.  This new pair has great padding inside for all day comfy comfort.  

Tonight’s lingering question… What the heck am I going to wear in the snow tomorrow?!