Day (left), to Night (right).

Hard at work in my classroom…

My desk at the end of a busy Friday…

Going out with my wonderful husband…

January 14, 2011

Where: Day look: teaching my lovely third graders at school all day, then working around my classroom for three hours after the bell rang. Evening look: Out to dinner in our neighborhood at Julia’s with my hubby, then second row seats to their drag show Le Faux.


dress: H&M (thrifted)

tights: Spanx, via Nordstrom

belt: Banana Republic

green flower headband: tosha via Nordstrom 

Day look:

Dolman sleeve cardigan: Banana Republic (a few years ago)

leopard flats: Banana Republic (old) 

Evening Look:

military-inspired jacket: LOFT

scarf: Pashmina (gift from my mother)

leather gloves with bow detail: Nordstrom brand leather

handbag: Marc Jacobs (super sale at Nordstrom)

booties: H&M

Details: Friday nights I often feel so worn out that the hubs and I make it a comfy night in with good food and good Netflix.  Some Fridays, however, I am rarin’ to go.  Yesterday I wore this H&M dress, yet again in the hopes that I would feel like going out after work and it did the trick.  Subtle changes made this dress perfect for both work and a night out in my favorite city.  Funky flats during the day made for a fun mix of patterns (one co-worker told me I looked like a garden nymph!).  While this cardy is usually worn tied at the waist, I didn’t want to obstruct this belt.  I don’t wear it nearly as much as I should.  I love this woven belt!

For evening I swapped my flats for my favorite cheapie booties from H&M and swapped the cardigan out for a light jacket.  It was 54 degrees out so this spring jacket worked well with a heavy scarf and leather globes.  I opted for a pop of color in the handbag, plus this one can be worn hands-free so I kept myself available to take a million photos.  I am loving breaking in this new camera.  Some of my fabulous photos from the drag show coming soon…

I don’t want to boast too much (sigh…), but it’s great nights like this when I’m reminded that I am blessed with the world’s greatest husband.  It doesn’t hurt when he makes crock pot lasagna either…