January 17, 2011

Where: Out to Crossroads Trading Co. to sell some of my old dresses and and handbags, then off to Everyday Music to find some used vinyl.


Black dress: Banana Republic (last summer)

1960s-inspired swing coat: Banana Republic (From my favorite line ever when I worked there, Spring 2004.)

Black skinny woven belt: H&M

Brown tights: Spanx

Brown leather boots: J.Crew

Black cross-body handbag: Vintage Coach

Details: I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to wear this coat for a blog post, but it’s about time!  This is arguably my favorite single item in my closet.  If I had to pick one thing that explains my personal style, it’s this.  While it isn’t an authentic vintage jacket, it is very well made and wears like a vintage item.  It’s been with me longer than the husband and I have been married and it’s been something I’ve pulled out and worn in every phase, time and place in my adult life.  

This little stretchy cotton swing dress is something I can do a lot with.  I can wear it with everything from a swimsuit and flip flops to a wide belt, heels and a jeweled cardigan.  It can go anywhere.  The beauty of an LBD, even a cheap, cotton one.  I’ve been wanting to play with black and brown and finally went for it here.  I really love the results and am anxious to try it again in another way.  

I tried on several dresses for the husband today and together we vetoed some oldies.  I sold them and a handbag at Crossroads for $38.  Not much, but it helps pay me back for what I bought at Target yesterday.  Hooray!