January 22, 2011

Where: Out for coffee, shopping, lunch and more shopping with my best girlfriend… AKA a great Saturday.


Dress: Lush via B.P. at Nordstrom

Scarf: Express

Tights: DKNY

Shoes: Sofft

Earrings: gift from my MIL a few years ago

Details: Today is the last day of No Pants Week and I tried my best to “go out with a bang,” as Hayley put it.  She had a special event to attend with a fancy dress, but my Saturday had a lazy start.  I slept in, lazed about in my PJs for as long as I could until getting ready to meet my best friend.  

I wasn’t planning on debuting these toothpaste colored tights at school because I didn’t know how they’d go over in the workplace, but I tested them out for today’s shopping trip.  I’m glad that the scarf is another bright, but is not the same shade.  It’s subtly off and that’s how I like it.  The Mary Janes are really set off by how bright the tights are and I think that was my favorite thing about today, except my feet got a little tired after walking around all day.  I tried a new way of tying my scarf today to showcase the fun fringe.  I’ll definitely be trying this again with some others.  

In other news, my cats are freakin’ adorable today.  See…