January 24, 2011

Where: Teaching the kiddos, then a meeting after school.


Cardigan: Target

Skinny silver belt: TJ Maxx

Flouncy Silk Skirt: via Nordstrom Rack

Charcoal tights: Spanx

Boots: Steve Madden Maryn

Details: Today felt like a Monday. I mean that in the most Monday-ish sense of the word. The kids came in with their eyelids at half mast, quiet yet ready to learn. I couldn’t blame them for being a bit sleepy, I had my full eight hours and still felt like my brain had a 5 second delay. I am hoping I’ll have my regular get-up-and-go feeling come tomorrow morning!

Anxious to wear these new boots (and to loosely channel my gal Nancy), I swapped my originally planned outfit choice for this skirt, cardy and my new $5 silver belt. See another way I’ve worn this bold cardigan here. The belt is one of those things I just know will go with a lot of different outfit ideas and it was a steal! The only downside to these boots is that they are a tad too big and I may swap them for a half size smaller. Other than that they are fun and interesting. The wedge heel is super comfy for a long day in the classroom and beyond.  

I’m in the process of considering some major blog changes and I promise I will keep you informed as things start to change around here. In the meantime I’ll give you a dose of my super serious fashion face. There’s a reason I’m smiling in all of my photos thus far….I look silly when I try to be all serious. Tyra would kick me out in a heartbeat! Haha…