February 10, 2011

Worn black cardigan: Banana Republic, dress: Urban Outfitters, belt: H&M, green tights: Spanx, brown booties: H&M

Details It’s been a long week of late nights at school so I’m really looking forward to the great day I have planned on Saturday.  I’m (finally!!) getting my hair cut and colored and am off to see one of my favorite favorite favorite (did I say favorite?) bands of all time.  For now I’ll keep it under wraps, but I’ll let you know when I post the photos later this weekend!  Yay!

This dress has turned out to be a great purchase.  Not only do I love the little ruffly hem, I also love that the pattern is neutral enough to put with just about any color combination.  I am proud that I’ve finally truly broken any previously held aversions to pairing black with brown.  As a self-professed fashion rule breaker, I’m not sure why I held to that one so long.

I’d love to take on some of your favorite fashion rules to prove that rule breaking can be fun!

What fashion rules are the most important to you? If it’s plausible with my 30 items I’m offering to take on the challenge…

Let me know!