It’s all done!  I can’t believe I did it!  Keep reading for what I learned and item breakdown.  🙂

How Often Did I Wear It?


1.  Black tank: 3

2. Silk print top: 3

3.  Lavender tee: 1

4. Grey scoop bib neck tee: 3

5. S/S stripe sweater: 4

6. Chambray shirt: 2


7.  Green sweater: 3

8.  Beige cardigan: 4

9.  Grey lace cardigan: 2

10. Black cardigan: 5

11.  B&W cardigan: 2


12.  Print ruffle trim UO dress: 3

13.  Navy cotton dress: 3

14.  Black w/detail dress: 4

15.  Black and pink print dress: 3

16.  Green print dress: 2


17. Black plaid print skirt: 2

18. Black full skirt: 2

19.  Sixties print gold/ivory skirt: 1


20. Green military jacket: 2 (1 not shown, outfit 5)

21: Jean jacket: 1 (not shown, outfit 3)

22. Grey tweed blazer: 3


23.  Black skinny jeans: 3

24.  Bootcut Joe’s Jeans: 5


25. Black Mary Janes: 6

26. Grey and black oxfords: 4

27. Black flats: 5

28. Brown booties: 6

29: Black peep-toe wedges: 5

30. Black wedge boots: 4

What Did I Learn?

  1. My favorite looks were 9, 14, 17, and 26.
  2. I love skirts and dresses. I wore a dress or skirt 21 out of the 30 days.  Wow!  I knew I included all of those dresses for a reason!
  3. It would have been nice to have more sweater options to change the look of my dresses.  Next time I want to include a cardigan or sweater in a fun color to change it up.
  4. Skinny belts rock my world. I would love to find some more cheap belts at the thrift store in fun colors to give myself more options, especially when wearing black.
  5. None of the skirts I included fit me properly. I need to think about tailoring these soon if I get some extra cash.
  6. The little black dress I included was a great choice considering I was able to wear it in SO many different ways.
  7. I like bootcut jeans more than I thought! I have been OD’ing on skinny jeans lately, so I’m glad I included this bootcut pair.  They’re so comfy and I wore them more than my skinnies!
  8. Scarves are always a smart purchase. I wore scarves 16 out of the thirty days.  I knew I loved scarves and clearly they were a key accessory in changing my look.
  9. I really enjoyed layering tees underneath my dresses for a new look.  I’m excited to try this with more styles and colors.
  10. I care less and less about matching colors and more about the shapes of clothes. It’s fun to figure out which shapes work well together and flatter my figure.
  11. It is so important it is to care for the things I love and keep them for a long time. During the month I took shoes to repair, clothing to the dry cleaners and a skirt to the tailor.  Now all of these items feel fresh and new and will have a long lifespan as I continue to remix.

Thank you for following along with me throughout the month.

What were your favorite looks?