She’s not wearing any polka dots, but I think Ruby wants to share her outfit today…

March 8, 2011

Worn Polka dotted ruffly top: I.N.C. via Macy’s, cardigan, jeans and grey suede pumps: Banana Republic, necklace: LOFT.

Details First I want to apologize for posting out of order.  After my weekend away I’m super behind, but in real life I’m done with my 30 😉  Today I have to interrupt my regularly scheduled outfit postings to celebrate the Everybody Everywear Polka Dot extravaganza.  Is it really an extravaganza, you may be wondering…and the answer from this girl is YES!  Everybody Everywear is the brainchild of two of my favorite bloggers, Liz of 26 and Counting and Linda of The Auspicious Life.  The idea is simple: Select a classic item or pattern and everyone who wants to participate can wear it on the designated day

Today on The Nate Berkus Show, Nate put a moratorium on the phrase, “pop of color” and I’ve decided I am going to here as well. Although there may be one item that is more colorful than other pieces in an outfit, sometimes you have to go full force to bring the outfit (or room) together.  Nate believes that once you start building upon what you already have instead of throwing on pops of color haphazardly, the color will harmoniously be a part of the room (or outfit).  I think this is brilliant (mostly because I find overused turns of phrase annoying, even if it’s me that’s abusing them).  Do you think this rule of decor could apply to fashion?

Check out the other dotted ones by clicking the button below!

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