I’m halfway done with my 30 for 30 and so far it’s gone really well!  I’ve definitely had some hits and some misses, but looking back at the group I’m feeling pretty good about it.  It’s really inspired me to look at old things in new ways.  Take a look at my halfway gallery and see what you think…

While I was nervous to include so many dresses, I’m happy I did considering the dress is my favorite piece of clothing.  I’m also glad I purchased that skinny silver belt prior to starting my 30 because it’s been so useful in creating new looks.  I wish I had included a long sleeved solid tee for layering under dresses and shirts so that’s definitely on my shopping list along with more skinny belts in fun colors.  I’ve been happy with the variety of shoes I included because I have a good range of styles, but I would like to throw in a pair of heels in a fun color for next time for some added interest.

So far I’ve worn 27 out of 30 items so I’ve got to wear those last three stat!  Check out what I mean by revisiting my 30 items.

Any suggestions as I start the second half of this month of fun?