Twice-Worn leader

Hello friends! It’s been a bit since I’ve blogged and honestly it’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks! Just wanted to say thanks for your sweet comments on my last post and via Instagram. The internet truly is a lovely thing and I appreciate your kind words very much.

My 33rd birthday is in a mere six days and I’m looking forward to what’s to come in the new year. A new class full of surprises, hopefully getting the news of passing scores for my professional certificate (fingers crossed!!) and continuing to learn and grow into my best self in my thirty-third year.

Before the summer’s over, and with an eye on the upcoming fall transition, I rounded up a few outfits I’d love to wear again in the coming months.


I’ve worn this dress a zillion times, but I love it with a sassy ponytail and NARS Heat Wave. Once it cools down a little I’m excited to throw on my favorite plaid blouse.2-after five

I’m loving these beautiful evenings as long as I possibly can this year. Did you see my sunset photo from the other night? I love throwing on a breezy skirt and knotting a favorite tee. I wore the outfit on the left on my birthday last year 😉 Cute, comfy and super easy.
3-evening out

With my birthday coming up I need to think about what to wear for a couple of fun dinners out with family and friends. Here’s a couple of all-time favorite rockstar dresses I’m considering for the occasion. That’s what I call those dresses that always look good and make you feel good about being alive.4-bundling up

Thinking about the upcoming chilly evenings, I’m looking forward to throwing on cozy jackets over summer dresses, fingerless gloves, and booties. Oh, and lots and lots of big ol’ barrel curls. Yessss….