March 14, 2011

Worn Dress: Tucker for Target, cardigan: Nordstrom Rack, silver belt: TJ Maxx, black tights: Spanx, booties: Sofft via Nordstrom.

Details I feel like a million bucks.  Do you think that’s possible in a $35 dress?  Well, believe it.  As you know, I have been lusting over this dress for some time now and was thrilled to finally wear it. I keep thinking of new ways of putting it together so if I wear it again soon you’ll understand, right?  I promise I’ll wash it first.  Or….. well, you know.  I’m watching Sex and the City right now and it’s the second episode.  I really feel for poor Miranda because they dress her in menswear for pretty much the entire first season.  Like full on ties and suits and oversized plaid hunting jackets and silly stuff.  I’m all for menswear, and have considered wearing one of husbands super cute ties, but I would have to pair it with a skirt to keep a little me in the mix.

In other news, one of my favorite Best Coast songs is on a Payless commercial.  Somehow this bothers me.  Am I wrong here?  I mean I want them to achieve success and continue to make sweet albums, but the alternative rocker inside this 80s baby cries, “Sell out!!!”  Don’t worry… I still love them.  I haven’t removed the CD from my car since purchasing it many many months ago so that says something, right?