March 12, 2011

Worn Jean jacket: LOFT (similar), fuchsia V-neck sweater: Banana Republic (similar), dress (worn as skirt): Rebecca Taylor (thrifted and repaired by me), green tights: Spanx, silver belt: TJ Maxx (similar), brown boots: J.Crew, handbag: Coach Kristin.

Details It was your typical Saturday date night out.  I got all gussied up (after hand-sewing the waist of this dress), husband got all gussied up (after spending the day in sweats), and we headed out on the town.  We zipped over the the Guild 45th, a historical theater in the U District to see Best Picture winner The King’s Speech.  The film was absolutely gorgeous and every shot was like a painting (unlike these blurry photos of my outfit taken with my icky old camera).

After the movie we strolled in the glow of street lamps down to Chutney’s and had an Indian feast.  A little speech impediment and curry never made for such a lovely evening.