You know all those old fashion rules that our mothers and grandmothers taught us since birth? Things like “Never wear black with blue” or “A lady always wears hosiery”? Although modern fashion has taken most of those old fashion adages and tossed them out the window, there’s one that I’d like to hold up as an undeniable truth: A wrap dress always works. It’s true! Here are five reasons that you need to get a wrap dress, stat!

5 Reasons You Need A Wrap Dress (Like Yesterday…)

1. It always fits.

90% of clothing enjoyment for me is fit. I’m a nut for the perfect fit. I originally bought this little wrap dress several years ago when I was a size 14  and desperate to find anything that I felt good in. Today I’m size 4/6 and of all the items in my closet that have come and gone as I’ve changed sizes, this little dress has held on tight. By design, you size a wrap dress to fit your body every time you put it on! That way it really works with your figure no matter if it’s the day after Thanksgiving or your skinniest day ever!

2. It’s always comfortable.

Wrap dresses are usually made in comfy fabrics like knit jersey or stretch cotton blends that hug in the right places and pull away from the body where you want them to. We all know that a little stretch can provide hours of comfort for long days at the office, a day of travel, sitting all day at a conference or meetings, or whatever else you have planned.

3. It’s low maintenance.

A wrap dress is easy to wear and easy to maintain. I especially love jersey knit fabrications like this dress. It’s easy to throw in a bag for traveling, and never requires ironing or dry-cleaning. Prior to shooting these photos, I actually had it wadded up in a bag for a couple hours, and when I pulled it out to put it on, it was just perfect! How often can you say that about a garment?! I just wash it in cold and hang it to dry and it’s good to go. Just make sure you read the tags before selecting your low-maintenance wrap dress as, like all things, some are made with stretch silks or other fussy fabrics. Keep it simple and opt for easy poly or cotton blends.

4. It’s easily dressed up or dressed down.

Another thing I absolutely LOVE about a good wrap dress is that it walks the line between casual and dressy. You can easily pair it with a jean jacket and sandals for a Sunday brunch or walk around the city OR you can throw on a killer pair of heels and some jewels and take it out for date night or even a wedding. Of course some prints or fabrications might read more casual or formal depending on your personal aesthetic, but some can go both ways, giving them twice the outfit potential! They’re also great day to night options, too since a switch of shoes and jacket totally changes the look!

5. It works with any accessories.

Since wrap dresses are so simple and usually have v-necklines, it’s easy to select accessories to go with them. You can go bold or simple with your necklace as the neckline is made for jewelry. You can also go without a necklace like I’ve done here, and focus more on bracelets and rings. As previously mentioned, a wrap works great with heels or flats, and it’s fun to throw in a pop of color with your shoes if you want, especially if you have a monochromatic or solid color version. I enjoyed mixing prints here with the black patterns in both my dress and shoes. One thing you don’t have to worry about is a belt, since it’s already built into the dress. Wraps also work great with third piece options like a jean jacket show here, blazer, or cardigan.

Photos in the post by Bailey Makaimoku Photography.

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Outfit Details

dress, Ann Taylor LOFT | jean jacket, Levi’s trucker jacket | shoes, Billy Ella via Anthropologie | crossbody bag, Rebecca Minkoff | bracelets, gift from my sister | rings, an assortment from Madewell, Cost Plus World Market, and Red Envelope.

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