double takes

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Each time I wear something I try to wear it in a new way than I have before, especially when I’ve been in a rut with a certain piece. My yellow floral dress is one of my favorite items and I wore it all summer long. I’m not usually one for layering, but putting a little lace top over it made it feel more like a skirt and doubled the options for wearability. I know my black and white bomber jacket might seem limiting to some, but I’ve work it with just about everything since bringing it home. It dresses up, dresses down, and adds a little edge to any outfit. I’ve worn my favorite plaid silk blouse many ways, but stepping out of my box and putting it with shorts and heels this summer made me feel a little like Daisy Duke. Totally out of my comfort zone and unexpectedly fun. If you love it, find another way to wear it. You might surprise yourself.