Hello lovelies.
I’m Anna a lover of creativity, growth, and adventure.  I play many different roles in life,  teacher, musician, artist, blogger, shop owner, wife, the list goes on and on.  We all do.  We need very versatile items in our closets.  Two of these items that I own are this pair of navy slacks and these camel shoes.  They go with most every top and can make for a spicey, business, or a more casual look.

These three looks are from my recent collection of vintage called “Lucille.”  It is an almost spring collection of 10 vintage items that suit a fictional persona named “Lucille” to read more about it visit this post on my blog.

Lindsay does a great job at remixing items it is always fun to see what compilations she puts together.  What are a few of your staples in your closet that you use all the time in different looks?

Thank you lovelies for reading.

Thank you Lindsay for having me.