Lindsay Living: This little blue floral Rebecca Taylor dress was a shocking find at my local Capitol Hill Crossroads store and since purchasing it last year it has been a real workhorse in my closet. I have worn it again and again and keep finding fresh new ways to make it feel new again. Better yet it’s seasonless and has worked in winter, spring summer, and fall.

Every now and again, as I close my day by visiting some of my favorite blogs I get a little down thinking I’ll never be as stylish or have as big of a closet as some of the fashionable gals I so admire. Sometimes I worry that you’ll get sick of seeing me the same silly dresses again and again and again.  Then I look back at photos like these, and I appreciate what I bring to the blogging world. I’m real gal on a budget. I have a full-time job and a tiny closet. Just as it takes all kinds of people to keep the world interesting, I think it also takes all kinds of blogs to make this such a worthy effort.

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