Top:  Two Outfits, One Day (second outfit in the post), Goodbye Sunshine

Middle:  With My Girls, Lover of Mine

Bottom:  It’s Fun to be Boring,  Party Time

This little cotton navy dress has been a workhorse in my closet!  Although it’s a summer weight it’s taken me from fall to winter to spring to summer and I’ve worn it a million days and ways.  I even wore it this weekend in Portland while celebrating my friend S.’s bachelorette!

I found it in the B.P. section of Nordstrom for a mere $20 on sale.  Usually when I go shopping I’m looking for something in a fun color or pattern – generally something that excites me.  This can result in some great purchases, but can leave me with no basics.  When I think about those “hall of fame” dresses that I wear again and again, it’s the simple basics like this one that always work no matter the occasion.