Top to bottom, left to right: Playing FavoritesPaper WingsOne More DayA Million Bucks, Cheap, and one not previously on the blog (in the rain boots).

My love affair with this little Tucker dress has been clear here on the blog.  And I’ve loved hearing from all of you that have it and love it as I do.  I’m thinking of starting a new blog just dedicated to the Design Collective dresses from Target so we can all link up to how we style them… Do you think Target would have a problem with that? Hmmm…

When it comes to throwing on a dress no matter how I feel or how long the day will be, I know this little number will always make me feel cute and fashionable and (all covered in flowers) feminine. I’ve dressed it up, down and worn it in the rain and no matter what it’s still (gasp!) my favorite.

Don’t tell my other clothes, okay?