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shirt, Madewell (similar) | distressed Jeans, J.Crew (sale!) | sandals, Steve Madden (similar) | handbag, Marc by Marc Jacobs (also cute) | shades, LOFT

Oh my gosh you guys. It’s almost Friday. Almost time for happy hour with coworkers after a long week. Almost time for driving home with the knowledge that I have a totally free night to myself without stress. Almost time for a Netflix binge and a little red wine. Almost. Saturday for this teacher will be spent cleaning up the dishes I have avoided all week, grading stacks of student work, and hopefully getting a few grades into the online gradebook. But Friday… It’ll be like a vacation, and it’s nearly here.

Although I’ve loved the brand for years, this is my very first pair of J.Crew jeans. I love them and they are incredibly comfortable, even with the higher waist, also something new for me. That said, I think I may have made the mistake of buying them one size too big. I had no idea how much they’d stretch! They’re on clearance right now and such a good deal, but if you order a pair make sure to size down. I also picked up these little shoes on clearance, but am going to have to sell them on eBay because when I got them home they just did not work. Le sigh… I guess that’ll teach me to impulse buy clearance shoes that aren’t returnable. Lesson learned. I’m on a strict clothing budget so I’m trying to use my money wisely. Making these errors in shopping with items that aren’t returnable really had me beating myself up a couple weeks ago. In this budgeting journey I have to remember I’m only human, I make mistakes, and that’s okay. For now I’m wearing my old sandals and trying to cut myself some slack.

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