March 10, 2011

Worn Cardigan and lightweight wool slacks: Banana Republic, silk blouse: LOFT, peep toes: Coach, leather jacket (faux): Target.

Details Last Wednesday was a great day.  Well, it was really the night before.  For the first time in quite awhile I gave these pants a try.  They’ve been hanging in my closet for months and months in the hope that they would fit comfortably someday…ah, someday.  I’m thrilled to report that last Tuesday night before bed, I found out that they do.  I had a great day kickin’ around in my slacks and felt awesome in this vibrant top.

This combo reminds me a lot of my long long history in retail working as a Merchandise Manager  for Banana Republic.  I wore lots of different outfits there, but when I was a new manager and working hard to prove myself this kind of combo quickly became my uniform: cardigan, printed silk top, and lightweight wool slacks.  I suppose it could feel like a regression to put on such a similar outfit, but for some reason it felt fun to revisit without having to build walls and direct a team of people all day while running around like a crazy person.  Well, I take that back.  I did run around all day and I was managing a team of people.  The people are now much shorter and require more direction.