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One of the running gags of my closet (you know, when I do my closet comedy routine) is that I don’t own a white shirt or black slacks. I have to force myself to buy basics because I’m more of an emotional shopper. I go right for the thing that grabs me. This top definitely falls into that category. It’s like boom! Shirt! I kind of love that about it. I couldn’t resist getting all nutty and pairing it with this black and white striped skirt, because, do I really need to tell you? I no longer own a black skirt. Good thing awesome stuff like “color-blocking” and “mixed prints” are in style or else I’d be that silly person walking down the street wearing a bunch of loud patterns that don’t go together. At least the enlightened closet owners out might understand me.

P.S. These lovely photos come compliments of the brilliant Tom Coss.


OUTFIT DETAILS  top, Nordstrom | skirt, Banana Republic (similar) | shoes Linea Paolo c/o Value Village | handbag, Prada (similar) | bracelets, Kate Spade & Seattle street vendor | glasses c/o Rivet & Sway