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This week is a wonderful one! There are so many great things happening! It’s the 100th Day of School on Tuesday, my second graders take a huge test on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day on Thursday, my best girlfriends from high school are coming to Seattle with their husbands and kids for a mini-reunion on Friday, and on Saturday we’re getting the keys to our new apartment and it will be the first day of my mid-winter break from school! Whew! Top top off all of the awesome, we’re seeing one of my favorite bands, Ruby Suns, on Sunday. I’m a smidge overwhelmed with everything coming up, but so thrilled at the same time. Too much of many great things is just right in my opinion.

I’m insane for this dress! Get ready to see it way too much. I couldn’t resist pairing it with my gold lamé tights. Something about this combo feels very Kate Spade to me, as in all those darling girls that work there in their head-to-toe KS outfits. Is it worth working there just for the discount? Of course the handbag helps, but it’s the silly pairing of dotted dress, gold tights, dotted shoes, pops o’ wonderful color. I love that woman. She’s so inspirational!


OUTFIT DETAILS  dress, TOPSHOP | jacket, Jou Jou (similar) | tights, Spanx (2010) | shoes, Chie Mihara (similar) | handbag, kate spade | glasses, “Spitfire” c/0 Rivet & Sway | scarf, LOFT | earrings, kate spade (similar)