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Last Thursday was one of my favorite nights of the year. Yes, friends, it was Bingo Night at my school. I’ve been the master of ceremonies at Bingo Night since I got the job at my school, and this is my third year on the job. Few things make me happier than this night. I turn the crank on the big ball mixer-upper thingy and I get to call out the numbers on the microphone and make silly K-5 level humor, give shout-outs to my students past and present and to all the other kids and adults I know in the room, and build excitement around all the goodies on the prize table. In short, I get to be a ridiculously silly version of myself that can only truly come to fruition when I’ve got a mic in my hand. In other words, I love it.

For my big Bingo ensemble I wanted to wear a dress and this one worked out perfectly because I got to describe myself a million silly ways like “Point to the lady dressed as a dalmatian,” or “I’ve got more spots than a spotted owl!” You know, real classy stuff like that. I took these photos down the street from my school a couple hours before the big event. I realized there are lots of great photo locales near my school, so I might do some more field trip photos again soon.

Check out how I wore this spotted wrap dress last fall when I went to the Chihuly Glass Museum and the previous spring when I met Naomi Judd. Apparently I save this dress for only the best of outings. Oh! And this hair was curled using this little beauty.

spotted dress x3

OUTFIT DETAILS  dress, LOFT | jacket, TJ Maxx | necklace, Kie & Kate | tights, Spanx | wedges, Banana Republic | handbag, Coach c/o Value Village