shirt, Old Navy (similar) | pants, c/o JAG Jeans | sandals, MTNG Originals (similar budget option) | handbag, kate spade new york (also pretty) | lip colour, NARS Schiap | nail colour, Essie Peach Side Babe

I love Memorial Day weekend. Provided we have no snow days to make up like this year, that means this teacher gets a four day weekend. Four days of bliss. My idea of bliss was apparently creating ten little projects for myself to work on for the entirety of the break. Typical me. Lucky for me, my boyfriend J. stepped in and gave me some much needed advice. He said I needed to spend at least one whole day binge-watching shows on Netflix, enjoying treats like ice cream and wine, and generally relaxing. What more could a girl ask for?

Then  Tuesday Fake Monday happened. I guess all good and relaxing things must eventually come to an end. Le sigh…

I took these photos on Tuesday after a busy day at work. The weather was just lovely, perfect to wander around the neighborhood and find some fun new places to take photos. I’ve only taken them here once before, so it was high time I came back. Lately I’m really getting back into working on my photography skills and scouting new locations to take my photos. Sometimes I gravitate toward the same places on my block, so now that the weather is nice it’s fun to try something new.




DSC_1723 (1)