DSC_0922DSC_0924DSC_0926DSC_0921DSC_0911DSC_0923Report cards are done! Report cards are done! I could shout it from the rooftops! I celebrated last night by cooking my first ever steak with some asparagus and red wine, of course. It was the perfect cozy night in. I crashed hard, too. I was exhausted. There are a million reasons I love teaching, but report cards are definitely not on that list. That said, I have to admit I love seeing kids progressing through the year, gaining skills and gaining confidence where they once struggled. I have always felt teaching was the best way I could give back to my community, and I value it for it’s public service in addition to the creativity, camaraderie and spirit of the profession. In a nut shell, even when it’s challenging and tedious, I love what I do with my whole heart.

P.S. Every time I wear these glasses, my students say that my glasses are leopard print, too. Love that!

OUTFIT DETAILS  buffalo plaid shirt, Old Navy | 5-pocket “Sloan” pant, Banana Republic | leopard wedges, Banana Republic | handbag, Marc by Marc Jacobs | glasses, Kala Eyewear