February 22, 2011

Worn Striped top, silk skirt and woven belt: Banana Republic, purple tights: Spanx, booties: H&M, jacket: LOFT, handbag: vintage Coach, black ring: Old Navy.

Details Today I got something I don’t normally get… Several funny looks. I build this {city} outfit on {rock n’ roll} a skirt that is too big and a bunch of clashing colors. Truth be told, husband and I took a few things to the tailor yesterday, but this skirt stayed behind because it’s one of those key markers in losing a bit of weight. I purchased it to fit, gained weight and soon it didn’t fit, then recently lost weight and it skipped right down to being too big. It’s gapping and moves around my waist when I wear it, but for today’s list of errands I was okay with that. It made me feel quite good actually considering I nearly donated it last summer out of sheer frustration. Sometimes you just have to celebrate life’s little victories.

black stripes + brown leathers + sixties print + purple tights =

lots of confused looks at the grocery store

And just so you know, I live on Capitol Hill people.  In no way am I the most adventurous dresser up here, y’know what I’m sayin’? Today I was really looking at shapes more than colors and I left the house feeling pretty darn good about myself.

Holy Hannah!  I know I put on makeup before leaving the house… Backlighting doesn’t do much for my complexion…Haha.

We ran out of coffee the day before so I bee-lined for the Starbucks at the front of the store. For the record we traded those spendy Cheerios for the generic Safeway brand.  😉

Sweet hubby lead me around the store on one of his weekly errands (he studies by day and attends classes by night so he does most of the grocery shopping while I’m teaching) and planned our meals. As he was perusing the meats I think I melted just a little bit. {Insert oohs and awwwwwws here.}