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This weekend was one of those where I bring a bag full of work home only to let it collect dust while I nap, snuggle, sleep in, and watch too much television. It’s bitter cold here in Seattle and almost torture to go outside, so I’ve been spending as much time as possible in the cocoon that is my apartment. It was so cold outside I was audibly yelping. Somehow I made it through outfit photos without my coat on – proof that miracles are possible.

Husband and I are considering moving so we looked at some apartments this weekend, too; one of our few outings in the deep Seattle freeze. We found one that we really like, but are yet to pull the trigger and sign the paperwork. I’m already a little excited about having (gasp!) my very own closet! Golly that would be nice, especially for a clothes horse like me. I have dreams at night about organizing it. I think the idea of this makes husband a little worried I’ll want to fill it up with new purchases. I will neither confirm or deny these suspicions…


OUTFIT DETAILS  top, Banana Republic (2010) | pencil skirt, Halogen, thrifted | tights, Spanx | shoes, LOFT (similar) | gloves, UO, gift last Christmas (similar) | scarf, pashmina, gift (similar)