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Yesterday was one of those silly days where I have to just sit back and laugh at myself. Sometimes a good laugh at one’s own expense is the best medicine. Or is that smiles? Lattes? I forgot. Regardless I now know how it feels to dump an entire latte into your boot (not good) and to think you have major car trouble only to discover you’re actually just out of gas (even worse). Luckily I had on my lucky dress with the yellow flowers. Wait, does that mean it’s now my unlucky dress? Oy vay. I guess that’s how the latte fumbles…

Oh! And don’t let this no coat thing fool you, I was freezing while snapping these photos and it took my fingers a solid 15 minutes to wake back up. I just don’t know how many outfit photos I should post that are dictated by outerwear, ya know?

OUTFIT DETAILS  dress, Kiup via Aprie | cardigan, Banana Republic (similar) | tights, Spanx in Bittersweet | booties, Seychelles (similar) | necklace, LOFT