July 23, 2011

Worn  Dress & scarf, Banana Republic; belt, thrifted; tights, Spanx; shoes, Butter; bag, thrifted Dooney & Bourke.

Details  Concert wear is always a tricky outfit challenge. Depending on the location, duration and kind of show you are seeing your outfit can be completely different. Add in the uncertainty of a Seattle summer and it can really be a toughie. For the first day of Capitol Hill Block Party I wore some comfy slim cut cargos, a sleeveless silk blouse and brogues with this little Dooney & Bourke cross-body bag.  I felt great until later when I had to return home for my trusty jean jacket.

For my Saturday look I knew I wanted to wear a dress, but was very conscious of the possibility of getting stepped on or spilled on so I wore black tights and closed-toe shoes. Just safer that way. I brightened up the simple black dress with a cheerful summer weight scarf and my new red belt. I got so many compliments, it was crazy! From hippies, to fellow fashion-consicous gals to security officers this look was a hit. I’m addicted to giving strangers compliments on their look, so it’s always nice to get one, too.

Now off to figure out what to wear today…