DSC_1185DSC_1190DSC_1172 DSC_1182Lately I’ve been putting a lot of space between haircuts, chopping away at my own bangs (although I think I’m getting pretty good) and letting my hair grow super long. On top of that I’ve really been feeling my natural curl and have gotten quite a response about it from everyone in my life. My friend B. says it’s my sexy bed head, my boss S. said it looked like big ol’ 80s hair, and my students have said just about everything from, “You look like Katy Perry,” (huh?!) to “Curls make you look happy,” (hmmmm…). Regardless of all the commentary, I’m really enjoying it. Last year I let my dyed hair fade from nearly black to my natural color and I’ve been so completely happy with it, so it only seems fitting that I’m digging my natural curl now, too. Gotta love what Mama gave me.

The shot above is the view from my amazing apartment, and I wasn’t lying about those lingering purple sunsets in yesterday’s post. Honestly nothing makes me happier than coming home early from work, making up my favorite chicken salad and basking in the orange glow of my sun-soaked apartment. I love this time of year.

OUTFIT DETAILS  sweater, Banana Republic (also cute) | green jeans, Flying Monkey via Aprie | leopard wedges, Banana Republic (similar) | handbag, Madewell Transport Tote | nails, OPI Red | headphones, Urbanears “Platon” in black (…although I’m thinking of switching them for a more colorful pair. Thoughts?)