March 7, 2011

Worn Cardigan: Gap, dress: J.Crew, grey tights: Spanx via Nordstrom, silver belt: TJ Maxx, boots: J.Crew, headband: Nordstrom Rack.

Details After cramming the end of my 30 into last weekend and taking Sunday off I faced a busy school week full of meetings and winter report cards.  That meant a lot of long nights. The only saving grace was returning to the clothes I missed in my closet…not to mention a lovely new dress.  I found this dress on sale at J.Crew last weekend and have been trying it on at night before bed waiting for the day to wear it.  When I purchased it I thought of a million ways of wearing it straight away and this first time out I went for a slightly more casual option with this long and slouchy Gap sweater.

Last week I picked up a couple of pairs of shoes from repair and it felt like getting brand new shoes, including these boots!  I’m a big fan of caring for items and keeping them for a long time.  I love how The Sartorialist contributors all have to list their tailor, barber, shoe repair and dry cleaner as their bio.  In case you’re in Seattle, here are mine:

Tailor: Metro Tailoring, Westlake Center

Salon: Gene Juarez, Downtown Seattle at 7th and Pine (Dylan for color, Courtney for style)

Dry cleaner: Blue Sky Cleaners, Capitol Hill

Shoe Repair: Emerald City Shoe Repair, Downtown Seattle at Union and 4th

Right now as I’m preparing posts for the blog (since I’m trying to catch up before next week!) I am watching one of my favorite movies…16 Candles.  It’s funny how the eighties are back and clear from all of their super cute outfits.