February 24, 2011

Worn Dress: Urban Outfitters, grey tee with neckline detail: Banana Republic, silver belt: TJ Maxx, black tights: Spanx, boots: Steven by Steve Madden “Maryn“.

Details My week’s vacation is going quite quickly and I am really enjoying the freedom to relax and see friends that I don’t always get to see.  Lucky for me, one of my friends recently relocated to Seattle from Portland with her husband and little girl and I got to hang with her and her delightful daughter yesterday.  I met up with them at their place in Magnolia and we took a long stroll together in the snow and across the bridge to Ballard and visited a cute baby-friendly coffee shop called Firehouse.  Big, puffy flakes were falling all around us and it made for a truly lovely afternoon.  I love catching up with friends over coffee and a good, long walk and I am so thrilled that I can see more of B. now that she lives here!

With such gorgeous scenery I got to take some great photographs! Mosey on over to my photo blog to check them out!  Click the button below…