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Over the long weekend I saw two movies with Sandra Bullock, The Heat and Gravity. While watching The Heat I commented that every time I see Sandy on film I absolutely LOVE her hair. That girl is adorable. Seriously. And although I know that on movie sets they have the best hair and makeup people in the biz, her hair is always extra special.

Then I watched Gravity. That movie is a-maz-ing. Whoa, you guys! Have you seen it? My jaw was at my knees for most of the show. I was blown away. Sidenote, I was also broken of the whole Sandy always has great hair fascination. After the show the ladies in the loo were all whining and complaining about her short hair wondering if it was a wig. I hope so, Sandy, I really do. Plus, wouldn’t her hair have floated around in space? (Boo, now she’s just getting picky…)

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