DSC_0851 Green ScarfDSC_0846

Sorry for the slightly blurry photos today. Husband and I had a heck of a time getting things focused in the dim light before our quick trip to the grocery store. Yup, that’s us. Really gettin’ wild n’ crazy in our thirties. Apparently I’m also too old to be spontaneous anymore, or so say my friends. We have to like call in advance and like plan stuff beforehand and what not. Ruh roh, that’s two dollars in the like jar… ‘cuz apparently I’m too old for that, too. (J/K I don’t really have a like jar, but I should probably get a ruh roh jar.) The good news is that I’m not too old to wear boots over my jeans or birds on my shirt. (If the photos were less blurry you would be able to tell they’re birds, not drumsticks, pinky promise.) One thing I know I’m too old for? Shopping at A&F. On a mission to spend a three-year-old gift card collecting dust in my wallet I waded through the shadows and A&F perfume cloud to find this scarf and another. I have to admit I was only about 75% sure it was green when I bought it, but it all worked in the end because it’s really snuggly.


OUTFIT DETAILS  top, Old Navy (2011) | jeans, Hudson | boots, J.Crew (similar) | scarf, Abercrombie & Fitch | handbag, Coach | coat (in hand) Merrell