DSC_0829DSC_0831DSC_0867DSC_0864DSC_0872DSC_0835Today I pulled my hair back. I’ve only appeared on this blog (or in public for that matter) without bangs a handful of times in the past many years, and every time I do I’m always surprised to find people don’t really recognize me. Upon hearing my greeting a bunch of kids at school did double takes and looked at me oddly. I got asked if I was the long-term sub for a coworker’s pregnancy today, and several teachers did the, “Wow! I didn’t even recognize you!” Super funny. It’s like going incognito or something. I’ll have to remember that in the off chance I get involved in some sort of caper. Although next time I’ll have to take off this necklace.

I’m thrilled to be wearing this lovely nameplate from O’Necklace, an online retailer specializing in personalized pieces. I’ve been a die-hard SATC fan since high school, and have always wanted my own “Carrie” necklace, but never found the perfect balance between price and quality. I have to say this one is perfect. Since I eagerly ripped it out of it’s packaging, I have worn it everywhere including to sleep and in the shower for days. I love it so much I just can’t take it off.  I absolutely love it. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it, too, especially from one sweet little girl in my class. I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

OUTFIT DETAILS  jacket, Athleta | sweater, Banana Republic (similar) | skirt, Banana Republic (black and white version) | tights, Spanx | wedges, Banana Republic) | umbrella, GAP | nameplate necklace, ℅ O’Necklace