February 12, 2011

Worn Striped sweater: Banana Republic, jeans: Joe’s Jeans (Honey boot cut fit), nylon trench: Banana Republic, flats: Me Too via Nordstrom, scarf: Pashmina (gift), ring: Old Navy (plastic, $6!).

Details This is quite late in getting it up, but this was my outfit from Saturday when husband took me out to the Radio Dept. concert detailed in this week’s Music Monday post. I felt suuuu-per casual that day considering I was out with my honey, but I have to admit that flats to a rock show is a pretty good idea. Let’s face it, you always end up standing the whole time anyway (I was right up front leaning on the stage!) so heels can be a real drag.

Prior to my date with hubby I had gone in early for a haircut and color. I told my lovely stylist Courtney that my hair had never been and may never be this straight never, ever, everrrrrr again. For serious.  It was was lovely, but almost unsettling.  I was a little afraid she had thinned my hair out more than I was comfortable with, but knew that wasn’t right.  I’ve got to give her a call and figure out exactly how she did it.  I have a feeling it has something to do with some professional grade hair straightener (plus some serious extra styling time that I’m unwilling to donate to my hair from my morning cereal/blog/coffee time.