March 19, 2011

Worn Jacket: LOFT, top: flare jeans: GAP, belt: Banana Republic, peep toes: Franco Sarto via DSW, handbag: Coach.

Details I love Saturdays.  I love ’em.  I do.  Fridays are great, but the day is mostly gone and I’m tired after a long week of teaching.  I have massive stress at about 3pm on Sundays because I feel the need to run around and get a million little errands done to prepare for the coming week.  Saturdays are the perfect day because they just…are.  Easy and carefree, just like this look.

When Kendi pulled out her flared gap jeans the other day I thought, “I have some old flares in here somewhere….” and dug out this pair.  I’m so happy I kept them after the marathon sorting that was moving into my current apartment last fall.  Husband and I both sold and donated so much old clothing and I miss some of my old things every now and again.  It’s hard to know what will come back in style since everything repeats eventually.

Have you ever sold or donated an old item that you wish you’d kept?