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I live in the most adorable old building. It was built in 1929 and is this beautiful collegiate gothic-style brick and it has one of those funky old cage elevators and the garages out back were originally horse stables. It’s truly a Capitol Hill gem. But one of the best things about my building is all of my neighbors. This is the third apartment I’ve lived in on the hill and I’ve never met any of my neighbors. From the moment I moved in here, everyone was so kind and welcoming, offering a hello, a building tip or trick, holding the door, chatting in the hall or elevator. One neighbor has a gorgeous vintage car and when I commented that I wanted to take outfit photos in front of it he said that would be great!

There are some people who have lived here for 30 years or more, plus a great mix of young people and couples, too. Tonight when I arrived home from the grocer I ran into one of my cute little old man neighbors who said a polite hello as usual. Normally being fairly quiet and chivalrous, holding the door and such, is his routine, but tonight he added in, “I really like your dress. It’s got a bit of sixties style to it.” That might be the best compliment a person could give me on an outfit.


OUTFIT DETAILS  top, LOFT | skirt, Banana Republic | necklace, Banana Republic (similar) | shoes, Chie Mihara (similar-ish) | handbag, Coach Kristen (similar) | shades, Anthropologie | lipstick, Boots “Forever Cherry”