October 6, 2012

Worn  dress, Kirna Zabete for Target | jacket, LOFT | sandals, Target (2010) | handbag, vintage Coach | belt, TJ Maxx

Details  I’m trying this whole natural thing with my hair lately. It started in an effort to save time in the morning during which I have very little patience with myself. I get so annoyed with myself for pushing the snooze button on my iPhone (yes, phone is my alarm) that I trained my husband, in his sleep mind you, to say, “Snooze is for losers,” whenever I push the snooze button. This worked fairly well until I started replying with, “You’re a loser,” in my sleep. Sleep fighting is the worst because everyone wakes up annoyed without any memory of the source. I’m a real sleep fight instigator, I guess. Is that what sleep therapy is for?