February 20, 2011

Worn Sweater and oxfords: Urban Outfitters, dress: tulle via B.P. at Nordstrom (I finally found it on their website!), belt and anchor necklace: Banana Republic, tights: Spanx.

Details Every time my in-laws come for a visit we always spend their last day here hanging out at our apartment watching movies on TV, reading the newspaper, and then we head out to visit two favorite local haunts, Elliot Bay Book Company for books and then Oddfellows for lunch.  On Sunday we did just that and it was sunny yet chilly, but cozy in my favorite sweater.  I got cup of coffee from my favorite baristas at the Elliot Bay Cafe before sifting lazily through the fashion section of the bookstore. I found a fun new fashion book while everyone else found something to tickle their fancy and then we headed off for our standard lunch.  I chose the chicken salad sandwich which is boring considering I always get that, but it’s seriously the best chicken salad sandwich I’ve ever had so I guess it’s alright.  My father-in-law got the most amazing chicken pot pie which I may have to splurge on the next time husband and I go out for a late weekend lunch there.

After our ventures out and down the street, we all headed back to the apartment just as it started to get really chilly and rainy.  We all snuggled up on the sofa and chairs in our living room watching silly things like The Princess Diaries and basketball (well I suppose basketball isn’t that silly, but we had to have something for the boys as well as the girls…).  We had some laughs and good conversation, but more than anything else time to relax and just be together.  Husband and I felt so Seattle when we ordered them a cab and helped them with their bags downstairs, waving goodbye from underneath the awning of our building.  It’s mundane little moments like these when I’m so happy in my life and with all of the little details therein.  It really was the perfect kind of Sunday.  (Of course it didn’t hurt that I’m on vacation all week so I got to openly mock my “go to bed!” alarm and fall into hysterics onto the carpet.)